Dreaming of Heroes in the Age of Cunts

I was wondering lately, why so many superhero movies? Why all this fuss, why all these “big names” in showbiz — peoples, studios, corporations — focusing on a single genre, a single idea, a single way of making things, a single marketable product: the “superhero” movie and, recently, streaming series. But why?

The answer is as simple as it is unsettling: the need for fictional, extraordinary, individuals, to care for them, to admire them, to love(!) them replaced the need for exceptional individuals in real life. Because there aren’t any left. They’re dead, gone, and forgotten.

Just think about it: in the past 60 years, there were rock stars, war veterans, politicians, writers, fashion models, and so on, who achieved the status of “hero” or “legend” or “exceptional individual” by their own efforts. Now any of these categories is made-up by some multi-billion dollar system, be it state, corporate or both, and promoted as such to gain public attention, influence, and more often than not, money. As a timid bass player of the lousiest Southern California surf rock band of 1969 is a better musician than any of the 2022 Grammy nominees, impostors such as Putin or Biden or Macron are not qualified to even tie the shoelaces of Nixon, Khruschev or John Major. And I’m not going further in giving other examples.

Therefore, as the public has no real-life (not necessary role) models, as the exceptional individuals died out, or at least most of them, why not have them distracted with lousy fiction? Why not have them root for Tony Stark’s death, in stead of David Bowie’s? Why not have them worried for the next Batman, instead of the next president of the USA? Let them learn flying planes with Ton Cruise or X-Wings with Diego Luna, instead of caring about their country’s military and defence systems.

We’re dreaming of immaterial heroes in the age of real-life cunts. Are we’re doomed to become either one of them.


exterminate all rational thought

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