“drugs don’t work”

Neither does force; pure, brute, force, used for “good”. Or “bad”. Or whatever.

After a hundred and more days (who keeps counting?) of a half-propaganda, half-pseudoscience, pandemic, I just realized that the difference between a decent country (and decent civilization) on the one hand, and a failed state (and a failed civilization) on the other hand resides in the approach towards the practical use of violence. That is, when a government starts using violence as a universal means of enforcing any policy, it starts to slide towards political, economic, social, and cultural failure.

The pandemic has just proven this conclusion; states where trust in the healthcare system is high, where social values are held sacred and the rule of law is not to be taken lightly, have favored a more flexible lock-down regime, trusting in citizen cooperation, but also in a well functioning society and efficient institutions. Likewise, failed cultures paradigms demand for force, in the form of control, to coerce citizens into blindly obeying and trusting incompetent authorities in dealing with a health crisis. As ridiculous at it may seem, people in these countries actually believe that a complete shut down solves all their problems, and that only radical measures can actually bear results.

Irony and sarcasm aside, the covid-crisis is still largely unknown and the right policy in dealing with it is yet to be found; still, the strange perchance for extremes — be they in the noble purpose of fighting the disease — are but return to the base nature of mankind, to a half-feral, half-lunatic state, given that the original, primeval state was radically different than all idealized models we delude ourselves with.

An evolved society is a society of deep analysis of facts; bu facts cannot be exclusive to one field of knowledge, because life (whatever that means) is just too complex for that. A republic of prosecutors leads to a population of convicts; a republic of medics leads to a population of patients. Unfortunately, we are facing neither; we have to deal with the empire of gravediggers.


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