How to Save the World in Seven Easy Steps

Andrei Duţu-Buzura
1 min readMar 17, 2020


Any State can adopt these easy steps to contain and control the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Social isolation for the elderly — 70+ or according to medical data. The States will provide basic care;
  2. 1 month of social isolation for the general population. Incomes guaranteed; work-at-home compulsory (it's not a vacation!);
  3. If symptoms develop, testing is required; if test is positive, the person goes into individual isolation; if test is negative, no measures needed; if symptoms worsen, the person is put in IC;
  4. Those who cannot/will not work from home or simply want to go out on a regular basis, compulsory testing;

4.1. If test proves negative, the person is to mind his business; repeat test regularly (according to medical advice);

4.2. If test proves positive but the person can be asymptomatic, individual isolation or quarantine; test is repeated according to medical advice;

5. Quarantined/IC patients must be tested regularly, even if the second or third test proves negative; only three consequent negative results can confirm good health;

6. After 30 days of social isolation, population returns gradually to business as usual; people are subjected to test randomly, periodically;

7. If epidemics returns, repeat steps 1–6.



Andrei Duţu-Buzura

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