No Science for Old Men

The covid-crisis has proven that policies need no scientific background to justify abuse. Just rumors and memes. Since early March, when Western countries started taking so-called measures against the novel coronavirus, where “novel” means ignoring a hundred years of study and analysis and behaving like there has been no medical science prior to 2020, based on the tabloidization of information, and a flagrant lack of scientific thoroughness. Not even the self-proclaimed higher bodies of the world medical authority — the aptly named WHO — has even tried to turn into an official source of medical information and advice, being just a source of contradictory fiction regarding a so-called global pandemic that actually failed to happen.

Now I might be biased by the idiot approach to the problem of my government; I live in Romania, and that means that all people occupying official positions and certified idiots, mentally impaired and meaning to steal as much as they can from the position they temporarily hold. Most of them end up in jail anyway, so the political career of any self-proclaimed upstart is doomed from the beginning. They’re all just petty criminals anyway.

So now the Romanian government exploited the disease in its own interest, by inventing the “asymptomatic patient”, as in the patient that even though he’s as healthy as he can possibly be, having been tested positive for covid-19, mostly by forged medical expertise, so they have to be taken and illegally detained in improvised hospital facilities for at least 14 days, or until they obtain a double negative result from the same forged tests.

Why are the tests forged — because the government is blackmailing medical staff for being fictionally exposed to covid-19 patients (500 euros per month). So they are motivated to forge the tests and to invent infected patients so they could just compensate the obscene bribes they were demanding on a regular basis, in normal times.

This approach is doubled by the funeral aid received by the family that declares that a relative of theirs died of covid; it amounts up to 600–700 euros, so it’s in their interest to make a deal with the corrupt medical staff. And why not?

I am writing about what’s happening down here in Romania because I have direct contact with the situation; other countries that have undertaken similarly ridiculous lockdown measures — France, Italy or Spain, for instance — indeed have a more efficient and transparent medical system, but the reasoning behind such measures in just the same: we know SHIT about the virus, so to get more money from our government of from the EU, we must make things up as they go. It’s damned deadly, it can kill you where you stand (just as in those videos from China), not staying home means killing grandma, you are dangerous even though you have no symptoms whatsoever, so you have to be put down, sorry, you have to be locked down and isolated from the world just in case. Just in case.

The ridiculousness of such measure has transpired even though the crazed cultists of the coronavirus and their deafening shouts were dominating the mainstream media and the public policies in the victim states. None escaped, anyway. There’s no country for old men — the most vulnerable group (or so they say) and also the ones locked up together in the same narrow space so they could just get the virus and die already — but there’s no science either.

Just memes and shouting idiots.

This is my 50th medium post, so everything I say here is and must be true.

Good luck!


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